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Here you can find a selection of some of my most recent publications. For a complete list of my work, please check the CV section, which provides a more detailed description of my scientific production

Image by Markus Spiske

Published in Cliometrica in 2022 it estimates the evolution of the Spanish economy between 1277-1850. Shows that the empire supposed the economic downfall of Spain.

Vieja mujer que pide

Published in the Revista de Historia Económica in 2021, highlights the low mobility in Spain and the negative consequences of unequal economic growth.

Image by Museums Victoria

Published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History in 2022, concludes that Spain lost elites among all social classes and that women accounted for a considerable share. 

Medición de altura

Published in 2021 in Economics and Human Biology, explains how female livings standards caught up with male in the late 19th century.


Published in The History of the Family in 2021, explains the functioning of the marriage market and its role strengthening social inequalities.

Image by Richard Horne

Published in Cliometrica in 2021, shows intense migrations in Spain in the mid 19th C. and convergence between female and male mobility levels..

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